How To Speed Up Your Essay Writing

Students from the entire world are suffering from slow writing speed if they tire to write faster than they may face bad handwriting problem. This section is specially written to guide the student to develop students writing skills for speedy writing.  Here are few cool tips to make your writing task super speedy.



Ways to Speed up your Writing:


Prefer Writing Rather than Typing:

In the long race, it is necessary to write with your own hands because it is the only way to enhance your handwriting skills. This may give you UK Essay Help when you are running out of time.


Minimise Distraction:

If you want to write quickly, you need proper concentration through a distraction-free surrounding. You may use earphones with meditation music to concentrate in a better way. 


Practice Writing:

Practicing writing on a daily basis is very necessary as you need to write in flow in handwriting in a proper way. In this concern, you need to focus on your writing and reading habit. Try to read and write on a daily basis to develop a habit of writing.


Set Proper Timer:

Try to do practice with proper time duration if you want to speed up your writing duration. By developing this ability you may achieve better handwriting too with a speedy work. Use a stopwatch or mobile phone alarm for monitoring purpose.


Use Language Symbols:

One of the best practice of speedy writing is to use the language of symbols in your work. This practice is helpful in noting lectures and important point while taking lectures or when attending seminars or speeches. Some common universal symbols are as follows;

  • & -- and
  • x – wrong or cancel
  • b/c – Because
  • w/o – without
  • b/t – between
  • ̃ --  Approximately or around
  • ¶ -- Paragraph

Use Shorthand Technique:

Another good approach to write with speed is to learn shorthand writing. It is little tricky but once you learn the shorthand writing it will be very beneficial for you in your every stage of life. You may choose the methods of shorthand writing in between Pitman Shorthand technique or Gregg Shorthand writing.


Learn Boustrophedon Technique:

This is the most uncommon approach to speed up your work as it is tricky beyond your imagination. In this technique, you need to write from left to right and then from right to left in order practice difficulty in your writing. This writing technique is as follows:

For practicing boustrophedon (read it left to right)

Write to need you (read it right to left)


Make a Writer Friend:

Writing is an art that generates its strength from reading so, make a friend who is good reading. Share your ideas and writing with them also, do writing competition with them to speed up your writing ability.


If you really want to speed you writing then speeding choose an idea that is according to your interest area. So, choose a topic related to your field of interest and then use the following tricks to do research and your writing task.